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The Compumedia Credits


Mr. R. Brown - Music Teacher @ Bedford Road

Compumedia's Alumni:

Travis G.
Dave K.
Andrew S.
David S.
Becky S.
Ian T.
Brent T.
Mark D.
Ryan G.
Sean H.
Justin M.
Grant S.
Adam T.
James B.
Brad D.
Jessa A.
Shayla C.
Neil J.
Preston L.
John H.
Jared S.
Trevor S.

Grade 12 - 2003
Grade 11 - 2003
Grade 10 - 2003
Grade 9 - 2003
Arthur C.
Elyse J.
Matthew K.
Edward T.
Craig T.
Twyla T.
Carlos C.
Desirae C.
Alex S.

Brett B
Jaymie C.
Stephen E.
Matthew B.

Kenneth B.
Sean B.
Colby M.

Compumedia Credits: Who Does What?

Trumpet (Blue)
Anti-Gambling Poster (Green)
Website / Computer (Red)

Old Web Page Design by Brent T., David S. and James B.
Webmaster 2003 - Twyla T. (new site design)

Note: Due to school board restrictions we are not allowed to post students' last names online. Please contact us if you wish to contact one of the students.