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Georgio's World

We have recently been hired to produce a web page for Georgio's Serveries.
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This is the first experimental animation done by our current Grade 9's, Arthur C. and Edward T.
Extreme Attitudes Against Drunk Driving Video Competition

Brent, Sean, and Justin produced a video entitled "Drinking and Driving Shoots to Kill", which won for the Saskatoon Region in 1998's "Extreme Attitudes Against Drunk Driving" Video Competition.  The video was created using Specular Infini-D 3.5, Performer 6.0, and SoundEffects 0.9.  Each student will recieve a $100 cash prize, plus they will split a $500 scholarship. -1998

"Stop Racism" Video Contest

March 21 is the International Day for the Elimination of Racism. To support the concept of a Canada where all reaces are equal, the CBC, Heritage Canada and the Minister for Multiculturalism sponsored a video contest open to students in elementary and secondary schools. The video was to be a one to three minute production depicting the message "Stop Racism." The top ten videos received walkmans from Panasonic and "Stop Racism" T-shirts, the top three winners also received a trip for one person to appear on the CBC youth program Jonovision. All ten videos were played on both the CBC and MuchMusic to further promote racial equality.

At the Bedford Road Collegiate Music Department, Saskatoon...the school's Compumedia group entered the contest and was picked as one of the top three videos. The creative team of David K., Brent, Mike L., and Tyler M. corroborated to come up with a music oriented theme. The theme to their video was "Harmony Dissolves the Walls." By using our national anthem, the video illustrates to point that much as "O Canada" sounds hallow and discontinuous without every individual within our borders. The video demonstrates when racial or cultural groups are isolated their "part" of the "song" is lost and the sound suffers greatly from the empty space. It is only through harmony between all of the "parts" that Canada can realize it's full potential.

The video was put together using computer animation. David K.,with the technical assistance of Cyan Digital, took the original concept and produced a minute long 3-D animation on computer. The sound was digitized, using Performer 5.02. - 1997

"The Dance of the Ogre"

Many of the students in the Compumedia group are fans of the game Warcraft 2, by Blizzard Software. While listening to some of the music for the game, many wanted to play the music in concert band. So I, Brent Towsley, decided to take up the task of arranging one song from the Warcraft 2 soundtrack for play in concert band.

At first, I didn't know what he was getting into. I thought, "How hard can it be?" First, I e-mailed Glenn Stafford, the head of the music department at Blizzard Software. He gave me the go ahead to arrange the piece "The Dance of the Ogre" for concert band. For those unsure of what a concert band is, it has brass, woodwind and percussion sections, sometimes with a bass guitar or piano as a string section; no large string sections like orchestras have.

For the next three months, I was putting in an extra hour after school nearly every day, slowly but steadily preparing the piece for concert band. I was using Performer 5.02, which was extremely helpful with the transpositions. Before computers, people would spend hours with a pen and paperwriting out the notes for the transposition (transposition means to take the notes to a certain degree higher or lower as wanted). With Performer, a couple of mouse clicks do the job perfectly.

After several trials and rewrites, it was finally done. The band thinks that the piece is a great, upbeat tune to play. It also the first time in North America that is known to the Compumedia group that a high school student has arranged a piece for a school band. If anybody knows of another high school student who has done something similar to this, I am very interested in hearing about it. You can e-mail me at

If you would like to hear "The Dance of the Ogre," it is track 11 on the Warcraft 2 CD. For a copy of the concert band arrangement, contact Glenn Stafford. This project has been extremely fun, and I plan to do it again. - Brent T., 1997

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