This is a listing of some of the essential items used in the Compumedia in Music Education system:
Click on the imagemap to find out what each item does, or use the menu below.

  1. Main Area
    1. The Projector Screen
    2. The Surround-Sound System
    3. The Band Teacher
    4. The Cordless Mic
    5. The Big-Screen TV
    6. The Teacher Camera
    7. The Overhead Camera
    8. The Main Area Camera
  2. The Band Office
    1. The Macintosh G3
    2. The VCRs
    3. The Intercom
    4. The Insructional / Security Monitors
    5. The MIDI Keyboard
  3. The Cameras
    1. The Guitar Room Camera
    2. The Fridge Room Camera
    3. The Equipment / Practice Room Camera
    4. The Upstairs Practice Rooms
      1. Room #1
      2. Room #2
      3. Rooms #3-6



The Big Screen

The Big Screen:

This is the large projected television screen used to teach music classes using software.
The Communications Array

The Communications Array:

The positioning of these devices allows the teacher easy access and control of the Compumedia System. This sound system has a CD player, cassette player, and record player. It is also set up to output computer and VCR sound through its 5 channel surround sound system.
The Cordless Mic

The Cordless Mic:

The cordless mic fused through the sound system assists techers projecting their voice in a large area. The reduction in the amount of strain on a teachers voice can and has reduced dramatically the number of sick days due to laryngitis.
The Television Monitor

The Television Monitor:

This is the 29 inch monitor and remote control of the compumedia system. This monitor allows a user to access the entire computer via a 30 foot keyboard and mouse extension cable.
The Teacher Camera

The Teacher Camera:

Here is where you would find Mr. Brown, teaching his classes.
The Overhead Camera

The Overhead Camera:

This is the view from the wide-angle security camera that is used to monitor classes and take snap-shots for attendance. We also use it to analyze band pieces.
The Wall Camera

The Wall Camera:

This is the view from the wall-mounted security camera that is used to monitor the hallways and student conductors.


The Band Office
The Macintosh G3

The Macintosh G3:

This is the Macintosh G3 with 320Mb of RAM. We are currently using OS 9. We use Performer 6.0.3 for MIDI editing, Strata Videoshop 4.0 3D and Avid Cinema for video editing, Adobe Photoshop for images, Specular Infini-D 4.5 for 3D rendering, Macromedia Director 4.0 and Flash 4.0 for programming, a color flatbed scanner, and a Zip drive to store individual information.
The VCR's

The VCRs:

The VCRs allow: 1. Simultaneous testing to occur in three seperate locations 2. Digital editing 3. Students may observe a VHS learning tape in one area while another area may be used for recording a musical group for their own analysis.

The Audio Monitor:

Each practice room is able to communicate with the music office with this device.
The Instuctional Monitors

The Instructional Monitors:

The monitors allow the teacher from the office area to observe the entire music facility.

The MIDI Keyboard:

The MIDI Keyboard is used in conjunction with Performer 6.0.3.



The Downstairs

Practice Rooms

The Guitar/Testing Room

The Guitar/Testing Room Camera:

This camera is used for testing and monitoring. The security monitor in the main area is used to observe students in the guitar room while conducting a class.
The Fridge Room

The Fridge Room:

This room is used for recording guitar and band students for testing purposes. (Now fridgeless)
The Equipment Room

The Equipment / Practice Room Camera:

This is the view from the instrument-room security camera that is used to record students testing and monitor the equipment room.

The Upstairs

Practice Rooms

The Large Upstairs Room #1
The Large Upstairs Room #2
The Small Upstairs Rooms